Just got a big order for wholesale?

Hi everyone! I just got my first order from a company. I had stated a business that sold kits. I ended up not really having the success I wanted, and my career got in the way and I lost steam. So I asked an online store if they wanted to buy my kits. They are about 40 dollars in costs. Not counting sites, my time etc. Sadly the company is only willing to pay $40 a kit. They have asked to buy 30 of them (out of my roughly test run of 90 kits). At this point I really just want to sell what i have so I don't have to move it with me.

My question is, they have offered to buy the kits. They are in California and I am in Colorado. Are there any taxes etc I need to worry about? I am assuming that they will pay shipping as well (if the 40 included shipping that is starting to look like a really bad deal) How does one normally accept payment for this sort of thing? I have a paypal for orders. Are checks or some sort of ETF the norm?


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