Need to replace our phone systems for a pizza shop

Hi there,

First time posting. I run a small mom and pop pizza place and I need to replace our phone systems. We currently have an avaya system that was installed twenty years ago.

The system is perfect for our needs, and up until now has been reliable. It is a normal landline PBX.

As of late the system seems to power off and on frequently. I can replace it with an identical system which would be good, but they are no longer producing this unit so anything I buy would be refurbished.

If any of you could give some input on what you use for your small business/restaurant that would be helpful. I don't need many features. I would need something that:

  • is extremely reliable (maybe last another twenty years)
  • easy to use
  • switch between lines with ease
  • music on hold

I would consider voip, but my internet is not that reliable and my business survives on telephone calls for orders coming in.



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