Trying to start my own lawn care service

Let me start off by saying in tried this one time at 16 and had limited success toting around mowing equipment in a small car. So we gave up.

Anyways im 24 and want to start my own mowing service and stop working a retail job for a paycheck.

My plan is simple.

Buy stuff cheap.

Searching for sale sites and Craigslist and garage sales for equipment.

Buy all self propelled equipment. I want the mower to do 90 percent of the work. I'm just the guy steering.

Buy riding mowers for bigger yards. Also buy a small riding mower that fits thru single gates for larger back yards with single gates.

I've found a local car lot that sells suvs that run and drive for about 1000 dollars. I'm going to try to get a sub there that I know will be reliable and use it to tow my trailer.

My plan is to get the following equipment

2 mowers self propelled baggers 2 riding mowers full size one with bagger option. 1 small riding mower that fits single gates. 2 weed Wacker 2 broom 2 rakes 2 shovels 2 trash cans and bags. 2 leaf blowers gas.

I'm thinking this costs about 10 grand.

My brother is willing to help me do the yards for pay.

So I have help.

My marketing will be Face book Craigslist Flyers Vinyl signs nailed to power poles Ect

My goal is to be mowing 10 yards per week every week

So my question is. Is it worth my money to invest in this or should I try something else??


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