How to Motivate and Establish Camaraderie in a Remote Working Environment

With the leaps and bounds the tech industry is making, the geographical barrier that used to plague us is no more but a distant thought. We can now work at the relative comforts of our home and be with our families while earning the same or even more than what we used to while doing an 8-5 PM corporate job.

We can be anywhere we want without our employers or supervisors constantly breathing down our necks. But running a remote team also have its own pitfalls. There is no real interpersonal connection between co-workers, and making friends is almost an uphill struggle because each one of us has the notion that talking for an extensive period of time might annoy the other party.

This article I have stumbled upon talks about how the team were able to establish a centralized culture and increase camaraderie and keep their employees motivated with the proper tools and games.

Read up on this short summary and you might just get an idea how to keep your employees closer and motivated:

  1. Playing Company Heartstone Tournament is one way of letting your employees build rapport. This game randomly matches players, who happen to be your employees, into a tournament. Stay on the bylines and watch the whole scene unfold as they learn to get comfortable with each other and establish rapport by exchanging funny remarks and catch phrases.

  2. Good movie/Bad movie of the week review. Each week, an employee is assigned to give a hilarious review of a movie he or she has watched in the general channel of the communication app. Coworkers are always welcome to pitch in their comments, giving way to a more relaxed atmosphere and full of banter moment.

  3. Letting them collaborate in a project or team up for a brainstorming is a good way of immersing them together in each other's presence. Closely working together to achieve one goal is a good way to establish a deeper bond between coworkers.

  4. Properly introducing the new recruit during the first week is very vital to ease him or her to the new work environment. Let your employees welcome the new hire with warm and genuine greetings.

  5. Keep the remote worker(s) in the loop of information to make them feel that they really are part of the team. When you are holding a conference meeting with the rest of your employees and majority of them are office-based, take the consideration to do it via hangout, skype, or any other conference call tool for a group.

  6. Get your whole team, whether remote or office-based, the right toolset. The right tools go a long way of motivating employees because it is one of the ways that shows them that you as an employer do care about their comforts, and is out looking for ways to make things a tad bit easier on their part.

Although remote working is getting more popular over the years, there are still some pitfalls that go with it, and belongingness and company culture are among them. But there are also ways to combat these particular problems to bring employees together and establish a deeper bond and sense of camaraderie.


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