I am creating a business that help health related industries better utilize technology and would love to see if my site is getting the idea across

The main purpose of my company is to help health industries (e.g. yoga studios etc) better use the available services out there.

So maybe the company could use a new website, CRM or there is some wants to implement better tracking of their customers to see what retention they are getting. Those are the sorts of things I am aiming at.

So the main question is, how can I more effectively get this across? I could create a video, add more photos, maybe create a use case or two, but what form do you think would be best to use? Or should I concentrate on a few blog posts talking about what the company does?

Website: https://www.moredone.co/

I should mention that I don't have a lot of capital to invest, but I do have a fair amount of time (although less energy due to a disease) but I can create video pretty well.

Thanks! Any and all help is highly appreciated! I also wouldn't mind a bit of sanity check on the idea in general.


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