Trying to confirm identity/qualification of potential business buyer.

I am in the process of trying to sell my business (it is outside the US, but I am American and so is this specific potential buyer). We have only communicated by email, and he ticked a couple of my red flags to make me think he might not be legit. A quick Google on the email address turned up very little but evidence that someone with that name does live in the city he said he's from, so I just wrote him off and moved on.

He has since been back in touch and seems still interested. I just want to be straight forward with him in case he is legit, but if it is a con man asking for references is just putting the ball back in a pro's court. Does anyone have any idea of a good, not shady way we could confirm each other's identities without having to fly across the country?

It's just grey area enough to make me concerned, but also grey enough to be totally legit.


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