Template email to Potential Clients – Social Media Management

Hi all,

I am currently working on creating an email template to send as a proposal email to potential clients. Please let me know our thoughts:

Note: What do you think needs to be added?, if anything. I'm not one to push or force business too hard on clients, I have seen this turn ugly. I want to get a discussion started with possible clients and work into a business relationship and their needs. I am only just starting up so really only looking for my 1st client to get things going and grow from there, see below

Quote To Whom it may concern, I wanted to inquire in regards to your current social media obligations, commitments, opportunities. I am a freelance social media manager and noticed there may be possibility for real growth within this area of your organization and I'd like to to discuss working on growing your current reach and brand via multiple social platforms. Currently I am not looking for any commitment from your club/organization, but wanting to open the discussion, hear your thoughts and see if there was any opportunity's for us to work together. Please let me know if this is a possibility, and I would be happy to discuss further. Appreciate your time, Kind Regards Unquote


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