How do you reduce the number of cold/scams/loans/ect phone calls?

I work in the office of a long-standing local Auto Repair Shop. It is just the owner and myself overseeing three technicians with 5 racks. We are small but work with a high volume of vehicles, servicing multiple fleets and hundreds of cars every month. Our phone rings a hundred of times per day, and every other call is some kind of garbage. I can not stand it. We have all 3 of our work lines on the Do Not Call registry, and it did very little. I simply do not have time to file a report with the FCC for every call; my job as a Service Writer is extremely busy.

These calls add a lot of stress, as we always answer the phone during business hours, and I often have to drop what I am doing to answer it, whether that be carrying a heavy part, moving cars on and off of lifts, speaking on the other line, ect (The owner and I wear a lot of hats). You can imagine sprinting across a parking lot and grabbing a ringing phone, only to have it be an automated message or someone who wants to talk to the owner about a loan.

There has to be something I can do about this. I appreciate any advise.


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