Need Some Advice on Etiquette (first networking event!)


I'm a co-founder of a fairly new web design company that is just about to complete a website for a government startup accelerator. Everything indicates that they're happy with our work, and they've invited us to their official launch tomorrow.

At this launch we expect to see many of the entrepreneurs / companies that are working with the accelerator, and it seems like it would be a good opportunity to pass around some business cards and introduce ourselves to potential clients. (As a side note, it is mentioned in the email that there's will be a chance for networking, so we're not planning on crashing their party).

The issue is, some of the businesses being mentored are in the same industry, and some create websites as well.

I want to do what I can to help build our name and brand (and ideally even get the companies present to consider us to do some work for them), but I don't want to stir the pot too much and create animosity with other companies (that are part of the accelerator) that are in the room, or with the patron of our website.

Any thoughts on etiquette / protocol? Am I overthinking this?

As mentioned, it's my first event like this with my own company, and I'd like to set a good tone if possible.


tl;dr: we make websites, we made the website for the organization that is hosting its opening event tomorrow, there are website companies being mentored by this organization, how do we network / prospect without being awko tacos?


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