Free accounting software for a small retail business?

My family has a small retail business where we sell merchandise at comic book and anime conventions. My sister and I do most of the selling and ordering merchandise while our father does the books, files taxes and other financial work. He's getting older and we are planning on taking over those duties. My sister wants to invest in Quickbooks but that seems to me an unneeded expense. I saw there are some free options like Slickpie, Officewise or Wave.

The main things we need are:

Organizing expenses (per show expenses like vendor space, electricity, hotel and then overall expenses like inventory)

Track state taxes. We do shows in about 7 or 8 different states.

Inventory management. Right now everything is just on spreadsheets.

Calendar. A lot of our expenses are timed, meaning deadlines to sign up for shows or cheaper rates if we submit our application and payments early, stuff like that. Being able to organize all our shows and payment deadlines, hotel bookings and everything else in a calendar would be great.

We have no employees outside of us so no payroll so that is the main stuff. Are any of the free accounting programs something we could use?


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