Designing a menu for a food truck!

Hi there /r/smallbusiness As an aspiring entrepanour I really appreciate each one of you participating in this community! I’m really thankful for your help =)

I am planning on starting a food truck business in my hometown, and I’m facing few issues with my startup (just graduated college so limited work experience).

So the general idea is that it will be a food truck that serves dessert similar to yogurt / fresh fruits and smoothies. The idea is to mix those ingredients into a delicious dessert to be enjoyed in this hot weather (seriously, its hot in here).

My main issue is designing the actual menu. I am not a good cook, but I am a quick learner. Being creative with the ingredients is my weakness at the moment. Is there a way to contact with a professional online that can help me design the menu ( a chef perhaps?) Are you aware of any websites that can provide such services or contact with such individuals?

Thank you!


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