Do I alter and reduce my standard package to land a potential new client that is smaller than normal?

This is a request for marketing advice.

My product comes as a standard annual package. I charge my regular clients about $5,000 per unit.

I possibly have an interesting new client. This potential new client is smaller than my regular clients. They don't want the full package, but just part of it. They want me to change my product package by giving them a cheaper (i.e. partial or smaller) version of it.

I can reduce my product package, but I don't want to. I like my product as it is because it is easy to deliver and I know it is valued by my customers.

I don't particularly need this new client, but a professional colleague did me the courtesy of recommending my product to them (so I don't want to let her down) and in the end I would indeed like to sell my product to anyone who will buy it. There is no indication yet that they would be a problem client. They would just be a small-potatoes client.

They have the money to pay for the full package, and they definitely need it, but they are just not motivated or experienced enough to order it. They are apparently sticking their toes in the water first.

How would you market this product in this situation?

  1. Insist on them ordering the full product (as expensive as it is).

  2. Cater to what they want, thus going to extra trouble.


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