SEO Agency – Client paid in full last week and demands a 50% refund & we don’t want to pay.

We normally service small service businesses, but a new client was brought on as what I'd call a startup and is upset in their second month.

They got unhappy and expected unrealistic results for SEO and for what we can do, but we made it easy to part ways. No fees, we just transition everything back at the end of the month. They wanted a full 50% refund even after we ate half of the full monthly in costs this month and they are demanding more.

We had a proposal and a strategy, that would take several months to setup and execute on. It wasn't clear, due to communication, that the timeline was reasonable. There were a LOT of delays in work done, but we never increased the budget or price.

I'd like to keep the 5k in revenue; I tried offering that we'd accept a refund if we cut the expenses down to what we paid for but they demanded another from the video expecting that it should had been done earlier.

We had a retainer agreement signed out, that shows that we'd be doing monthly "SEO, Branding Services, copywriting & marketing management" without any set qualifying bits as to what that really means. My SEO has told me, the level of work that was done for SEO would far exceed 5,000$ in value and was 1 of 10 things we would be doing for $5,000 per month…

In a signed agreement. They also agreed upon that it would be month-to-month and also that we would recommend 3rd party services and software that we ended up eating up in the costs.

For any digital shops or small business owners that had to deal with overly demanding clients let me know what you would do in this case. I am not sure what the legal recourse is by the client and I will be meeting with a local SCORE lawyer tomarrow.


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