(x-post /r/bookkeeping) Writing off larger expenses for very small business

Just found this sub, so if this is the wrong place for this question please let me know.

For the last few years I've made and sold ceramics as a small side business. This year I will have made large enough sales to large enough companies that I will have to claim the side income on my taxes as I know the other parties will claim their purchases from me ($650-1500 for most of them).

I know I can claim my studio rent, materials costs, business lunches etc, but what if I want to make larger purchases like a truck and/or laptop? Truck would be used to deliver work around town and for personal transportation to and from the studio, as well as non-work related transport. A laptop would be used for creating/maintaining a website, updating /selling via Etsy, etc.

I would expect the truck/laptop to cost in the $7-9,000 dollar range, and my yearly income from ceramics to be in the $2200-3500 range, if that helps. I also have a roughly $40,000 income from my regular day job. Can I claim them as business expenses? And if so, can I claim them at 100% or just parts of them? Would the truck need some type of labeling? What other types of expenses should I be tracking to write off, and is there a limit?

Thanks so much!


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