Investor dropped out, can’t pay rent. 4 weeks from opening.

We're opening a brewery, however it's looking every more certain that an investor might drop out. They are a family friend and our going through some tough times. They were giving us our working capital for start up. Well we are currently about 90% through construction just waiting on final inspections hopefully next week. We will then need to brew beer and train staff and what not. We're about 3-4 week from opening and generating income. We owe rent, which is 5200, on the first and only have 3-4K to our name which we really need for last few purchases.

We plan on talking with the landlord and asking to forgive nexts months rent however we are unsure if they will. We have paid 4 months rent so far and showed good faith.

We've looked at getting a loan but with my previous loan from the start up out and a few hard inquires and maxed credit lines my credit doesn't look to good. Anyone else have any suggestion as to how to get more capital? Or a good talk track to approach our landlord with?



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