Purchasing assets of small coffee/donut shop in NYS.

I've been working at this small shop since they opened. A few months ago the owner offered to sell the place to me. We hammered out some details and things are moving forward. I want to cross my "t's" and dot my "i's" as this is the first business I will own. Here are the things I have but I'm not sure what more I need to do.

I have an LLC

I have a DBA

I have an EIN

I have applied for a New York Employer Registration Number

The landlord is writing up a new lease for me.

I have a lawyer that is corresponding with the current owners lawyer.

I have a bank account.

I'm in talks with an insurance agent now.

I'm in the process of applying with all of our wholesale accounts.

I don't know what more I need. Are there more forms I need to fill out? Are there other things I should be aware of? I'm starting to feel a little out of my depth.


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