Competition question

I own a small business that's been around for 30 years, but I have only owned it for 3. Previous owner sold because he was retiring and another person had started the same exact business and was taking money from him, as tends to happen. When I took over I knew this but also had no issues in upping our game to remain on top. Where I am running into an issue is that while we both offer printed resource guides, his printed product is basically the same damn thing as mine just green. Ours is blue. Yet on his website he has a image of his product in blue, which is not something he distributes or offers. Our guide has been known as "the little blue book" for 30 years now. He is doing it to purposely confuse people and it's working based on the calls and emails I get. This is just another move in a string of shady business tactics this owner has pulled. Do I have any recourse in this? Should I just send him a letter asking him to remove the image of the blue guide form his website or should I involve a lawyer?


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