How to promote yourself and be seen…? Building an audience.

Kind of business: Online shop/Etsy shop, handmade jewelry/accessories

Target Audience: The narrowest group would be pet owners (even narrower would be cat people). Second would be targeted at fans of Japanese fashion. Last would be fans of animals in general, whimsical things, and the occult.

Overall objective: collect a fan base and grow into a recognized brand.

Current objective: just to be seen, get my products out there, and start making some sales

Where my business is promoted currently: personal website/domain featuring my products, main shop through etsy, on business cards, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest.

I was just looking for a little push in the right direction… I'd love to be able to reach people, in a creative and inviting way, nothing forced or in your face… Just, to be able to put it out there to be seen and either they like it or they don't. But it's mostly the being seen to begin with that I'm unsure of.

Anywho, thanks for reading and any advice is very much appreciated! ❤ I'm kind of floundering out here :')


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