Need a schedule that “bumps” activities

I'm setting up a schedule for my manager to organize his projects. He has several projects that span over a few weeks, and I'm organizing them in a 9 to 5 work week so he can have an idea of how long it will take him to finish a project, and about when he can expect the project will be done. So if a project will take him 10 hours to finish, I can put it on a schedule so he can see that it will take him roughly 2 days to finish it. However, sometimes mistakes happen, or urgent projects come up unexpectedly, and I need to bump those activities out of the way to make room for these urgent projects. Most calendars won't let me bump things out of the way, they simply just layer it over the activity that's already there. If I have a ten hour project that's beginning tomorrow and ending the next day, but a project has unexpectedly come up, then I'd like to be able to throw that new project in front and have it bump the first activity back so it will be done later.

I know it's really really specific, but does anyone know of a calendar system that works like this? Thanks in advance.


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