Self Storage Small Business Help!

So I know a older couple with a small business that is currently semi managed by a local real estate company. They take $700 AUD a month for being a location for key pickup and where documents are signed.

The problem is the company has recently began taking on competing storage businesses and sending customers that have specifically asked for this business to competing ones. Also they aren't very good at communication with the owners either.

This has pissed off the owners and they are looking for a way to cut out the real estate company and pay someone to do the same job for a little cheaper and provide access to more wide ranging information on the business and organise the keys as well. I have been offered this position if I can do all this. I believe I can set up a system where the documents are signed and brought to the key collection spot but I need ideas regarding where to hand over and collect keys without renting a space and paying more money? (Its not safe to do at my house or the owners house.)

I also need help knowing what is the standard software for small self storage operations across the world?

Thanks in advance if you can answer my questions!


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