Keep a Good Employee Busy and Feeling Valued

Hi All! New to Reddit though I've lurked for a few years here and there. I'll lay a little background on you all before I get into my query. I opened an entertainment based business last fall (October). I hired one guy as my manager/right hand man and he's been awesome. Anyone would be lucky to have him. Recently he asked for a step up in hours and a raise. He even "threatened" to leave or find another job and transition to part time out of financial necessity. I absolutely do not want to lose him… So I've agreed to a modest raise and more hours per week. I'm happy to do this and he deserves it.

Unfortunately our business is consistently inconsistent. We always hit our numbers at the end of the month but we could have the slowest week ever and then the busiest. It's also setup to where Monday – Thursday it can be run by one person. Weekends are our busiest and require 3 people. So 4/7 days I would usually work alone will now be his. A lot of these days will be sitting around doing nothing and waiting for customers. We're still gonna make good money — But it's definitely not as efficient as if I was essentially paying myself to do those hours. Which leads me to ask this…..

What can I do to keep him busy and get the most out of him? He can only vacuum the lobby so many times… and honestly I'd rather he do something more productive. What is reasonable to ask? Also — He does make 5% commission based on net profit each month. Which currently is getting close to producing a 10k Commission for this year. Unfortunately We open around 3 in the afternoon which doesn't leave much time for sales calls though I am having him come in early one day a week to make them. Anyone have any other ideas to fill 20 hours a week during mostly off business hours?


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