Peanut Butter Venture : almost ready to launch! :)

Hey guys!

So first of all, here are pictures of our products :

The story :

My girlfriend is a lifelong peanut butter fan and recently decided to start her own little business selling her own recipes. She developed 3 flavors and decided to concentrate on those 3. She has Original, Pretzel and Figs & Honey. I’m very confident in her products, they are very good and I’m kinda picky about peanut butter. I know I’m preaching for my own church but honestly, you can feel it’s home made and quality stuff.

Pictures of the product :

I suggested to help her with all the stuff that isn’t strictly related to the production, so marketing , branding and online sales so she can concentrate on the product.

Logo : We designed a logo that we liked with her graphic designer sister. After a lot of back and forth, we sticked with a version we all liked.

Packaging : We ordered a batch of 1000 plastic jars for the peanut butter. They are transparent with a black top cover.

Label : The label was made with her sister and sent to a local printing company to make sticker labels. We will stick the labels on every jar manually for the moment.

Website + ecommerce : At first I suggested a WordPress and integrate a shopping cart in it but Shopify evolved so much recently that it’s now possible to have a truly integrated and easy to maintain solution with only a Shopify website. So we decided to focus only on this. It might change on the long run but right now we’re just looking to launch it ASAP and start selling.

Pricing : For the moment, we stated on 8$ + taxes/ jar

The dilemma : B2B or B2C ????

  1. B2B : selling to local bakeries and such small businesses around town. There are a lot where we live, in Montreal. The caveat would be that if we sell to some businesses, we would have to produce a LOT of peanut butter pretty quickly and we still are 100% home made. We know some industrial kitchens where we could rent space to product way more quickly so we already thought of a solution to accelerate production if we have that kind of « problem ».


  1. B2C : selling directly to customers. We would probably have less sales at first but we would have to market a whole lot more via social medias, SEO, PPC, etc. We would also have to deal with shipping , which is always annoying for such small orders.

Also, any particular steps we should follow from here? I’m looking for advices primarily from other entrepreneur selling food or other home made stuff like soap, etc.

Thanks a lot for reading, I really appreciate!


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