How to hire a sales rep?

Hi All,

I have a small business, operating for about 4 years now, and I'm finally at the stage where I'd like to start hiring and forming a team. I've built a solid client base over the years and I'm coming to the point where I could really use some help.

In an effort to increase my cash flow from generating new business and reduce the risk and financial burden of hiring on my first employee, I'm thinking about looking to hire commission based sales reps.

How is this typically done? Where can people with the flexibility to take on a commission based sales rep position be found? What is a typical commission cut (let's say for example on a $5,000 product)? How is training handled? What is the typical expectation of a sales rep and what is the relationship like in your experience?

Totally new to this next stage of business and I appreciate any and all insight you guys have to offer.

Thank you


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