Market validation: Any demand for custom software development?

Please Note: I'm not selling custom software services. This is not self promotion. I'm wanting to know IF there's a b2b demand for custom software.

Anyone here with a need for custom private cloud environments built specifically for their businesses? Whenever possible apps and services that already exist – "off the shelf" – are the way to go when you're a small lean business starting out. You can save money and build your workflow around what already exists.

For older and larger business with very specific workflow requirements it may not be possible to adopt an existing application to fit their needs. Normally custom software development is prohibitively expensive and only available to large enterprises with teams of in house software engineers. I'm trying to find out if there's a place in the market for a small boutique development firm offering custom solutions at a reasonable rate.

Maybe you've had an idea for an app or custom site your employees or customers could use that would really help your business, but didn't think it was feasible for you to build or afford to have it built. That's where I come in. Let me know if there's any interest. Thanks!


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