Staff dealing with depression

So I'll try to keep this short..

I work in a local takeaway where we have 6 sales staff. One of the staff members has been off a lot recently due to depression.

I'm at an end where I'm constantly trying to get cover for this member of staff every two or three days. As we are only a small local business it's getting increasing difficult to get people to cover as they want to have days off too!

This member of staff has broken down during busy periods which I understand can happen and I allow them to recuperate which adds stress to everyone else in the shop during these peak times.

I just don't know what to do from a managers point of view as I understand they need time off but it's getting to the point that I'm thinking either

A) I release the member of staff because I don't feel that they are healthy enough to work in the environment and perhaps we're making them worse and hire someone else.

B) Give her leave and tell her when her problems have been sorted to come back.

I know this sounds mean but I'm torn between doing the right thing for the health of the staff member and doing my job to the best of my ability with the best staff available.

I know if I ask the staff member they'll want to retain their position but I don't feel they are well enough to work, but then again I'm not a professional so I can't say if she's good or not.

I'm just trying to be nice & caring but also do the best for business.

Any feedback would be appreciated, many thanks.


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