Taking a management role in the family moving business. Looking for outside viewpoints and ideas.

Parents own a successful moving company (successful here means it provided them and family a comfortable middle class lifestyle, with lots of trips, not a whole lot of concern for money).

Almost entirely referral business now. Several trucks/trailers, a shop, a few employees. Work most weekdays. Able to charge more than competitors due to level of service.

Brother and sister working in the business, both as crew managers on day of the job. They are asking me to come on to manage more of the business side of things (office, sales, phones, marketing, scheduling, recruitment (one of their biggest issues), etc. All things I went to school for, and have worked in (Business Management Degree, Accounting Diploma, worked in HR, Accounting, Sales, etc).


  1. I've been wanting to get back to self employment again, and this is a good chance.

  2. Established business making money.

  3. Lots of room to grow/expand, in the current line of business and possible offshoots.


  1. Working with Family (re: my dad, who basically runs/over sees everything, is having some trouble letting go of responsibility, but it's mostly due to having no one to give it to)

  2. Business does needs to grow a fair bit in order to support all of us.

  3. I'm not looking to do the grunt work, but in the business it's always been a little 'looked down on' not to. Hard/grunt work has always been valued over smart/book work.

I kept my distance from the business once I started working in my own 'career' jobs, mostly to avoid the labour work, as it's not really my thing (mostly from growing up busting my ass in the business). Now there might be more of a 'place' for me in the business. I do know the business quite well. I've grown up in it, and have my hands in all sorts of it still (from web to accounting, helping with recruiting, working on the trucks, etc)

Just looking for some thoughts from those of you who have gone through the same thing, maybe bought into an existing business or took over a family business. Pain points, things to think about, ideas, etc?


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