Weight Watchers for Small Business?

I've applied for mentoring through SCORE (though haven't yet received a mentor), but have been thinking that it would be great if I could converse with someone in my area (Columbus, OH) via Google Hangouts, or similar, about small business topics.

It's fine doing research on my own, but I don't always have the ability to see things practically. I'm inside my own head a lot of the time and noticing bad ideas means having to admit to myself that I've got a failed idea. I know that I need to network, and I would really love to have a person or group of people that I could message with about issues or ideas that we have.

I also know that I can speak with the SBDC in my area; which I have done, but have not yet attended a workshop. I work full-time and have four children. That's where most of my time goes; so, leaving for a few hours to attend a workshop is not very feasible.

Is there anyone here that has started a group already that I could join in on? Or, is anyone interested in starting a group?


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