76 responses so far! And I thought SMBs could care less about polls.. Can I get to my next poll goal?

First thing's first. Notice how poll and goal rhyme? Yeah? Awesome. Moving on..

I ran an experiment last week on testing the concept of crowd-sourcing information for SMBs.

I honestly though it's going to be a shitty experiment.. turns out it wasn't! I got 76 responses from you beautiful people and here are the results for "What invoicing software do you use?"

QuickBooks - 34 Other - 12 WaveApps - 9 Freshbooks - 6 Xero - 6 Zoho - 5 Harvest - 4 Other Responses - Instainvoices.com, Intacct, Google Sheets, manually, none (what the.. ?), Whmcs, InvoiceOcean, PDF Template 

So here's the thing.. this works!

Here's my next survey on E-Commerce software for SMBs and my goal is to get more than a 100 responses for this.


Lionel out! cue rock music


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