Had a great idea. Turns out it sucks, now what?

So I live/go to school in a town of about 60k. I was searching the internt at work and found a surprisingly small amount of residential seal coating companies. Having heard of people that paid for college doing this I thought it was a great idea and jumped on researching it, figuring out pricing, and looking at mateirals. Then tonight I figured I would drive around in my truck and spot some neighborhoods to target. Legit none. There was no neighborhoods with asphalt driveways, all concrete. So basically my idea is worthless.

I have a bunch of random tools, a day job till 5, a truck, and I want to work. Any ideas? I'm looking to bring in some extra cash at night instead of sitting on my ass at home. Is there something similar to seal coating I could check out? I have seal coated a bit at home but apparently that isn't a thing here. Thank you for any advice!


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