I want to start a business but have no idea where to start

By "have no idea where to start" I mean at this point all I know is I want to start a business. Not a good start I know. I know for sure I want to do something brick and mortar or something that has to do with talking to people face to face as I enjoy that. I like sales and have been told by people that I am an easy person to talk to and I can be convincing at times.

I am a college sophomore right now so i think this might limit my options. I am also about to start a part time job as well, which is the main reason i want to start a business as soon as possible. I want to start more of a business that I can run while I am going to school.

The main struggle I have right now is thinking of an idea. I am open to having an ecommerce store but again I have no idea what I would sell or where I would sell it from. Every time I go to r/entrepreneur it seems as if thats all they are doing either blogging or ecommerce and I just dont get it.

Thanks for any advice!


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