Party shuttle business

Hello all,

I live in Belgium where Uber is forbidden. I like going out and the place where I live, there is almost every day some hipster event or party going on which I attend regularly.

One problem with these "cool" events is that the event itself is very expensive. Another problem, after these events, there are all shady taxi drivers lining up to bring everyone home. These taxi drivers charge waaaaaay to much to bring you home. Their timer starts at 30€ before they even drove a single mile.

So I am playing with the idea to start some community driven taxi/shuttle business only for these kind of events. The employees would been people voluntary wanting to earn some money. I would contact these events upfront and offer them my business. The people would like this so much.

Are there any legal issues involved in this? My business is somewhat similar to what's Uber offering.

Any thoughts/advice?

Thanks in advance!


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