Seeking advice on consolidating personal debt incurred through business start-up costs…

Hello SmallBiz Hive,

I'm coming up on my 3 year anniversary for and have been seeing steady sales growth as well as a growing customer base. It feels like the baby that I've been bootstrapping to grow is set up for an uptick, but I am being crushed by compounding interest! It's near impossible for small businesses to get a loan without a track record so I (like many others I have spoken with) put a heap of payments on my own personal credit cards. Having started off with sparkling credit, I was able to transfer around on some 0% APR offers for a while but my time has run out. The interest that I have been accruing over the past few months is sending me into panic mode. Yes, I'm well aware that this is how credit cards work and I should have planned cash flow spending to make this less of a pain… but hindsight is always 20/20. Does anyone have any experience with consolidating personal debt and establishing business credit? Any options that you have taken in a similar situation? Input is much appreciated.

xoxo Marissa


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