Advertising on Facebook – Worth it?

I have a small side business for personal training. It's basically a passion project where I get clients every so often and train them at the gym at my home that I'm lucky enough to have. Even though it's a service, I still have some expenditures such as continuing education, insurance, advertising (business cards, for example), etc. For now I only have one client a few times per week. I've had others in the past, but many don't last and fall back to their old ways, even gaining more weight, sadly.

I had made a post here about Thumbtack a month or two ago. I've had literally zero success with them, not making a single penny. I had one guy show up for a free consult, say he was interested, and not show again, then text me randomly saying he wants to get started, then never contacted me again. Another woman made an appointment and never showed. Other people stop talking mid conversation. It's like they are bots at times. I recently turned off ProAssist because it wasn't worth it. Now I'm just burning through whatever credits I currently have left. I see people viewing my responses to their inquiries for a Pro, but they don't respond, even if my response was immediate.

I'm looking at Facebook for ads now. It seems kind of pricey, even for a week of ads. Sometimes it says it'll only reach a couple hundred people, whereas other times it says it'll reach thousands. I was hoping for some guidance and experiences about it. If the investment is worth it, I wouldn't mind doing it. I just want to make sure it is, in fact, worth it.


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