Multiple banks have closed my business accounts without warning.

I banked with Wells Fargo for over 10 years with Three business accounts (convenient stores and gas stations) but recently they closed all of my accounts without giving a particular reason. I was given a closing date and a cashiers check for the remaining cash.

I joined Bank of America a few days later with new accounts for the stores and today I went to deposit some cash and found that one of my business accounts there have been closed. I called and they would not give me any information as to why this account was closed either.

What are my options at this point? I need to have Business accounts for my businesses in order to pay checks and complete various transactions. The only other banks close to me are Chase and TD bank, I'm worried that they will close my account without a warning or explanation.

What can I do to figure out what's going on? I really have no clue who to contact regarding this matter.


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