General advice on freelance sewing business

Hi! I just joined so forgive me if something else exists on this. I started sewing for people the last few months and it's startling to blow up. All I've done is purchased my domain name for a future website and made some business cards. I haven't formed my LLC yet and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be keeping track of. Basically, what the hell am I doing lol I'm already swamped just doing the work the business part has taken a back seat. I'm taking mostly cash from people and I don't what to do with it. I'm also struggling with how to keep track of everything, I've just been going old school pen and paper bc I can't find anything that's a good match or has the functionality I need.

So as a freelance seamstress, what should I be doing to protect myself, what should I keep track of, and what do I do with this money. If anyone has any experience in this area I'd greatly appreciate it!


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