how to increase sense of Urgency in service business

I've been learning about the value of addressing potential barriers to sales, including getting to know the Mt. NUT model by Victor Antonio (the idea is to deal with the customer concerns about lack of Money, Time, Need, Urgency and Trust), as well as the WiderFunnel L.I.F.T. model, where the value proposition is powered by Urgency.

Urgency is super important for shortening sales cycle and triggering buying action. problem is much of the material online deals with products, where Urgency can be provoked by limited inventory counters, timer countdowns, "while supplies last", rather lame but possibly effective "BUY NOW!" copy, etc.

question: how do you guys in service businesses provoke Urgency and get people to act now, when you can't use the "while supplies last" offer, and without doing the "limited time offer that never ends" thing?


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