First question: registering a company; sub branding?

Hello all – advance warning, this is probably very poorly worded and possibly confusing!

My partner has been making clothes and selling them at markets for years under her own brand – let's call it Threads. We are now about to register and start our own business together (let's call it Collective). This new business is a shop that, among other things, sells "Threads" clothing and the arts/crafts of local artists and crafters.

My (first!) question is – Can our registered company sell her products? Can we merge these two businesses but still keep the separate names? The clothing has never been an official business.

I know it probably sounds daft, but we just want to simplify everything so that there's only one set of tax bills and accounts to worry about. My theory is that our shop can sell her clothing under the name she has been using, since she owns both, and since the clothing is effectively just a 'sub brand' of our new company. Is my head screwed on right?!

Thanks for your help!


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