How to protect myself against crazies?

I have a sole proprietorship. I work from home with my primary interaction with clients being via email or text message.

My home-based business provides support for lifelong learners and offers services ranging from online writing courses to resume development.

I want to make sure that I've done as much CYA as possible. I'm planning to upgrade to an LLC soon. But I want to look into insurance options as well to protect myself.

These are some of the past issues I've run into that I want to prepare for in the future: 1) A resume-writing client who seemed highly unstable kept sending me messages, saying she was going to "report [me] to the social medias" because of an incorrect date on the final draft of the resume that she signed off on. 2) Being a young female and going out to networking events, I ran into a creepy older dude who threatened my livelihood after I turned him down repeatedly when he asked me to go out with him.

For the most part though, I am very picky with my clientele and have established very good rapport with the rest.

I've been trying to find some type of legal expenses insurance. However, most of the insurance providers I've talked to say they only provide legal expenses insurance to individuals–not for small businesses. So should I change my business to an LLC and focus on covering myself as an individual? Or is there some other type of insurance/protection that could be useful?


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