My Experience With SumoJerky (Do Not Work With This Business)

I am an entrepreneur in Arizona currently looking to start up a non-halal grocery store business in Phoenix and Tucson. I have recently been trying to secure initial supply deals with various lesser-known brands of meat-related snacks, my main focus currently being on beef jerky.

I found Ryan Luedecke's business "SumoJerky" through his website, and saw the potential for a partnership in which I could feature his branding in my stores in return for a relatively small monthly supply of beef jerky from his business each month, with potential to increase in size depending on how it sells. I contacted Ryan about this through his email, explaining my offer and asking him to respond as to whether he would be interested in taking it up. This is where Ryan began to show his complete lack of professionalism and social skills, responding with just one sentence; " Do you think i'm f***ing stupid dude?" Perplexed by this rather disproportionately aggressive response, I followed him up with a second email asking him to explain himself and once again putting forward my offer.

This time, to my surprise Mr Luedecke seemed more welcoming and somewhat reluctantly agreed to send me a small sample as a "trial" to allow me to assess the merits of his service. I was told that this small sample (about 6oz) would be arriving within five business days, It ended up taking over three weeks to arrive.

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to our deal when Ryan emailed me through Gmail on my phone to tell me that the package would be left "around the area." I tried to follow him up with this but he would not answer, and after over half an hour of searching I found a damp, crushed up and poorly wrapped package lying on the floor across the road from my PO box.

When I opened the package, to my shock I found nothing but a snaplock plastic bag with a bullet shell casing and a note that read " don't waste my time and I won't waste you." I don't know if this was supposed to be some kind of joke or a credible threat, but either way I was not taking any chances and completely cut Ryan off, blocking his number and address.

This frustrating and time consuming ordeal has shown Ryan Luedecke and his SumoJerky business to be both incredibly unprofessional and dare I say dangerous to work with. For this reason I cannot stress enough that you should not ever work with this man or his business, and that it would be wise to avoid associating yourself or your business with Ryan in the future. I learned this the hard way.

Thanks, a fellow business owner


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