Person requesting free stickers makes no sense???

here is an email I got:

To whom it may concern

Hello my name is Jennifer. My husband and I are trying to do a special project for our daughter who is heading off to college by collecting items to remind her of home and her favorite things to create a mural on one of her walls. I was wondering if I might get a couple stickers from you to add to the items we are sending her. Thank you so much for your time.

Sugar is sweet

Lemons are tart

I love your company

more than a unicorn fart

Thank you again

Ok, no big deal, I give away free stickers all the time. Except our product is Tire Changing tool for Powersports…ATV's and motorcycles, etc. Mechanics and Farmers are our customers, not girls going off to college. BeadBuster (my company) is really one of her favorite things? Really? I feel like its a mass email because they do not state my company name…they say "Your Company".

Its not a big deal, but I don't like having my time wasted, and I'm not gonna play somebody's stupid game, if its not legit. I love my customers, not people who want free crap.

And advice on this guys?


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