I just got my LLC, what on earth do I do next?

I am a hairdresser of about 8 years with a relatively sizable following in the New York area. I operate out of a studio space in a suite building of all beauty professionals, and therefore am my own boss (which is probably the best move I've made for my finances, clientele, and career to date). I have been working as a DBA, or an independent contractor, and have been paying off my taxes quarterly. However, I've recently obtained an LLC because I wanted to make my business a bit more official (and I'd eventually like to purchase a house, and we all know that banks would laugh me away if I were just to show up as a 1099). I was wondering what my next move should be? I use quickbooks now, I already have my personal finances and business finances in separate accounts (though I would like to switch the one for my business over to a proper "business" account) I'm really small scale (a one woman show, if you will), but would hire an accountant or payroll company if necessary. I'd like to be taking a proper "paycheck", and if possible, take taxes out weekly, and am unsure of who to talk to to set that up.

Anyone who has bank suggestions, or suggestions of where to look first, I'd greatly appreciate the help!!!


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