Opening an app based service, I seek advice.

Hello guys,

After reading this sub for a long time i finally have something that seek your expertise, keep in mind that as I stated in title this is Europe based app for now.

So for obvious reasons I wouldn't like to go into too much depth about our idea, but it is basically a go-to app that provides services to your doorstep, which Will provide the random student willing to use his method of transport and time and opportunity to make some extra cash or as well as be the middleman between professionals and clientele. In our business model these professionals are collaborators to our organisation rather than employees that earn or pay a fee depending on which kind of service they are providing our clients, whom in most cases will also be paying a premium to be using our app.

Now that I have briefly explained the idea, I'd like to forward a few questions to this amazing community:

-What are the safest and most cost effective methods of payment that we can implement directly in our app?

-If we would like to accept cash payments, what are some steps that we can take in order to protect the company from losses in a scenario where the client refuses to accept the order upon delivery?

-What kind of insurance do we need to provide to our collaborators and clients?

-What are legal requirements and licenses needed to operate these kind of service in the EU?

-What would be a good pre-launch strategy in order to recruit delivery boys in order for the app to be functional when it releases to the public?

-Finally, what kind of solutions may we provide our collaborators so that they do not have to carry the burden of paying for orders?

Cheers and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions! Also please do evidentiate any issues that may arise and that we may have not considered.


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