Difficult Customer Keeps Returning

I opened a small classic car repair business a few months ago. I had a customer trailer his 47-year-old car to my shop. The expectations were clear that we'd evaluate the car, diagnose any problems we could see, and repair a few select components (leaking carburetor floats, etc.).

The customer is not mechanically savy. Since he's taken his car back last month, he's returned at least three times saying the car isn't running right. The parts that he's having trouble with are ones we didn't agree to work on. Since he doesn't understand how cars work, he doesn't agree with our conclusion. He also seems to think some of the problems that he had were made up by us after he dropped the car off. So essentially he refuses to trust us.

How should I handle a difficult customer that won't take no for an answer? I asked how I can resolve the problem for him and he doesn't give me a clear answer. It doesn't help that he's being passive aggressive about it. I feel like he might expect me to offer a refund.

He only lives about 3 miles away so he keeps returning every few days to complain. It's been costing me a bit of time and labor to entertain this guy and look at his car every time he stops in. It's driving me a little crazy now.

Is there a way to delicately end a customer relationship? I want to avoid charge backs, bad reviews online, etc.

Any input would be helpful. Thanks!


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