Why outsource in Belarus (and visit it, too!)

Belorussian IT-industry has been seeing quite a rise in the last 10 years. Since the High Technology Park was established in 2004, it has been expanding, having more and more residents, and today there are about 1000 IT companies that provide an array of different services. Belarus was named an “emerging Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe” by Wall Street Journal and the best thing is – there is really a high demand for developers and other IT-specialists that work in outsourcing companies. So what is the reason for that and why such great amount of foreign companies, including some of the biggest US names, hire Belorussian IT specialists?

  1. Development cost

  2. Quality of work

  3. Visa-free entry

  4. Recognition of IT industry in the country

  5. Location and size

Minsk, aka the capital and center for Belarusian outsourcing, is relatively small if compared to other European cities. So upon visiting it you will be able to see most of the city, meet a lot of companies.

Learn more here


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