Employee with Attitude Problem

We are a 9 person IT business that caters to both business and home customers.

Recently, I have noticed one of our team members has developed an attitude problem. He frequently points fingers at other team members and blames them specifically when problems arise, even though in most cases the entire team is a little bit at fault. He passive aggressively complains about other team members about very small issues (their desk being messy, leaving a cup in the kitchen they plan to use again, ect). He works mornings with one other employee and rarely communicates with him. He has started claiming that certain projects are waiting on the CEO and it's the CEO's fault that they're late when the employee could complete these tasks on his own if he made the effort. He also has some issues with basic manners like saying thank you and he frequently ignores emails unless he wants to point out something that is wrong.

Recently, Management mentioned to all employees separately that we are growing and we need everyone to step up and really be the best they can be. We reminded this problem employee that we hired him despite not having education or skills in the industry and we really need him to show us that he is willing to work hard to learn. He was offended by this and sent a weird message about how the job doesn't require previous skills/education (the majority of our employees have previous experience).

All that being said, he does do some valuable work. He has good attendance and usually gets his assigned tasks done. I am just afraid that his attitude will start to influence the rest of my team. What do you think I should do? Should I let him go ?


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