How to find investors for a small business

My wife and I are looking to start up a Board Game Cafe and are looking for investors for our initial capital. So far we have operated out of another business in the town for half a year and made a profit (that is more money than we put in, but it has, of course, been a labor of love and we have not been paying ourselves for it so far), so it is a decently proven concept both in our city with us at the helm. We have put a rather large percentage of our income and time into the business and certainly don't expect to be making much money by running the cafe, so we really can't take much more risk ourselves without it being irresponsible and, in my opinion, being a great example of why no one should fund us, haha. That being said, we've been looking for an investor to help us meet the starting capital necessary to open up our own location and be able to put more of our personal time into this business as our primary job, but are unsure of how to locate investors who would be interested. Those of you that have found local investors interested in building up the community in your area: how did you find those interested? Any relevant advice in regard to fund raising is appreciated, of course.

TL;DR – How do you find investors with incentive?


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