Smoothie shop help

I am Looking for tips from Current/past/present smoothie shop owners, managers and employees.

Quick summary I currently run a kayak rental business in Florida. We meet all of our customers at the water so we have never had a physical store. We only run 9 months a year. No one kayaks in the cold. What would we do with a store for 3 months? Well…..My kayak shop w/smoothie and juice bar application was accepted by the city!!! The city estimates 3 months until the Building is finished so I have some more time to plan. Now instead of all these kayakers meeting me at the water we will have them come to the store first, this guarantees us some traffic. We plan for the smoothie income to be #2 to the Kayks. Plus we will also add some retail(kayaks etc)and snacks. The location is about 100 feet from the water. Between the location and the water is a splash pad a huge playground with a ton of foot traffic. Hotel, business offices and a police station within .25 mile radius.

Any tips for the smoothie shop side? Specific blender you like? Any money saving techniques? Certain juicer you prefer?


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