Advertising on FB – Competitor reported a photo I’ve used in popular ad sets for copyright infringement

So I'm doing dropshipping and using Facebook ads to drive traffic to my storea. I've got this explosively successful ad creative with thousands of engagements, positive comments, feedback with photos, etc. I've been using it successfully in dozens of ad sets, generating high ROI.

Out of nowhere, I'm hit with a DMCA takedown notice from someone claiming to have the copyright over the photo I used in my ad. The ad itself is a collage of different model + product photos I took personally. Suddenly, my ad sets are all slaughtered.

My suspicion is that a sizeable competitor in my niche reported me to kill my momentum. Someone I've been monitoring put up a very similar post that exploded in popularity over a very short timeframe, indicating traffic is being purchased – and that's my traffic being diverted.

Now, I filed a counter claim, but the stipulation is that you have to wait 10-14 business days for a response from the other party before Facebook restores your content (they say they regret situations where they just lose your data). That is, unless the other person replies with their permission.

I've emailed the person multiple times with the email they provided – no response. I've also emailed Facebook, who by the way doesn't have a phone number, and I'm waiting on a response. I attempted to contact them through their own Messenger app, but they took away my ability to use that feature because I'm allegedly posting someone else's IP.

What can I do guys? I'm completely at a loss, and sitting on the sidelines watching this competitor's post explode in popularity. I feel like this will just keep happening and I have little recourse. Has anyone heard of this?


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