Loitering Sign for Gas Station

Hey guys! I'm a small business owner, I run a gas station. I took this store over about 2 months ago and I'm slowly but surely getting it going. I've come across an issue where these two men tend to hang around my store late at night. My cashier is friendly with them. This does not promote my business, nor am I making anything off them buying a fountain drink for 74 cents and hanging out for the next hour; my cashier also lacks productivity and efficiency in her work because of this. I'd like to print and hang a sign against loitering but I'm not sure how to word it. "Loitering will result in a trespass from the property" ? I feel like "No Loitering Allowed" won't get my message across. I need these two men in particular to understand that they will be denied access to the property, with the authorities involved, should the behavior continue. I could confront them face to face but I can't be there every night, I can't sit there and watch surveillance from home every night. I'm also 22 years old and suck at social interaction so I can't necessarily bring myself to confront people like that in an appropriate manner. I'm either going to come off as not serious, or I'm going to come off as a major asshole. How would you word the sign? Something I can hang inside the store. Landscape orientation, bold letters, the usual. I just can't figure out how to word it correctly.


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