Need help with LAN Center Idea

Hello, I am new to this subreddit here and have been looking around. After some google searching I found a lot of old articles and nothing really current. I deiced to come here and post over to /r/smallbusiness as well looking for ideas / help.

Little bit about me, 22 Years old with the usual student loan and car payment with a decent about saved in the bank I can help put towards it since will need a bank loan as well.

In RI there is maybe 1 legit LAN center and looking from pictures it is super small and is to the Northern part not towards the south part of RI/CT area. I will list what I have going and what I need help with to help expand my idea / get feedback

Current Ideas:

  1. PC Build – After looking around and doing searching I figured going for 1080P 60FPS isn't a bad idea. Went on PC part picker and some google fu to come up with this build. I don't think I see any decent way to lower the cost and keep performance so any help here would be helpful as well. Would be looking to get about 12 enough to run 2 teams for Overwatch tournaments

  2. Consoles – would be 5x Xbox one S and 5x PS4 or PS4 Pro still debating. a N64 (or one of those universal systems) a Gamecube and a Nintendo Switch(s) depending on availability.

  3. Software – Would be using the ggleap to help monitor the PC use, configure tournaments as well as help monitor pricing and time

  4. IT Knowledge – Worked in the industry for a year as well as 4 Years of college 2 in Network Engineering and 2 in Cyber Security. I can set up and maintain my own network and PC without needing a 3rd Party

  5. Will make it part LCS in a separate room or different part of the store, will also have board games as well

  6. Will be looking into snack and beverage selling

  7. Idea of price $3 an hour on console $5 an hour PC, on Weekends $5 an hour and $7 an hour

  8. Will work on getting weekly tournaments for Overwatch, CSGO, LoL and adjusting the game for the week after looking to see what most come in for. As well as running the FNM for MTG on Fridays and maybe others during the week depending on crowd

  9. Services – Console repair, PC Repair, Pricing / Building PC, Parties, Bring own PC and console areas, selling trade in whether it is cards or games, streaming of tournaments, other Events per request

  10. Hours would currently toy idea with 1pm – 11pm open time and later on the weekends.


  1. Licensing I cant seem to find this anywhere really, trying to figure out what licenses I would need to have LoL, Dota, CSGO, Blizzard games and such installed on the PC. If licenses are even needed if users would be using personal accounts. Licenses also for the consoles and if any are needed if providing the game to play.

  2. Getting idea of demographic ahead of time. I created a survey on google it is a short one but trying to find best way to spread it to get an idea if the center would even take off around here.

  3. Finding Vendors best way to find different vendors for food, drinks, LCS, and other equipment and if vendors are needed for certain things.

  4. Possibly how much extra hands would be needed or can run with only 2 people.

  5. Any thing else you think I missed or should think about covering.

Thank you all again for reading! I will be replying when i can.


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